June 27, 2016


Nagra Farm (NAF) one of the No. 1 producer of potato seeds in India. NAF is our trade mark and Nagra Farm started in 1968. Nagra Farm is located in village Kohala city Jalandhar in the state of Punjab India. Nagra Farm (NAF) produce potato, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Water Melon, Melon, Sugarcane and Vegetables. Nagra Farm supplies potato all over india- West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnatka, Odisha (orissa) Rajasthan, Maharastra, Punjab and also many more areas. Quality of Potato is No.1 and all the customers are satisfied and very happy. Nagra Farm (NAF) also supplies vegetables to local area (Punjab). For any further details or enquiries, you can go on Contact us page. Below is the map showing the states where NagraAgriFarm supplies potatoes :-

nagrafarm-potato-supply-map-938x1024 copy